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Looking to enjoy better lighting in your building, home, business or industry? B-Lite Solutions has lighting retrofit solutions!

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    What are lighting retrofits?

    Lighting retrofits involve taking the existing setup and replacing the lamps, bulbs and lights with modern and energy-efficient lighting products. Without undergoing a complete renovation, you’ll benefit from better lighting and a solution customized to your current spaces and structure.

    When we modernize a lighting setup, we provide you with a complete audit of the costs and advantages resulting from the renovation. That way, you can assess your annual energy savings as well as the lower environmental impact of your new setup.

    Ready to switch to an eco-friendly and high-performing solution?

    Contact our team for more information on our lighting retrofit service! We will be happy to assist you with your projects, or provide you with sound advice about lighting renovations.


    Sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions

    In contrast to lighting plans, our retrofit service keeps your setup intact and improves your lighting by replacing your bulbs and lights with LED or fluorescent lights. Before we proceed with a retrofit, we first offer a complete audit of the renovation project.

    The audit conducted by our expert will provide you with all the information on the outcomes of the new lighting solution, including:


    B-Lite Solutions: A team of passionate and engaged experts at your service

    We believe that lighting retrofits are more than just a sustainable solution – it’s a new way to showcase your building and operations. We also want to do our part to preserve the environment. That is why we have sustainable products with high energy efficiency at your disposal. We also run a recycling program to give used bulbs a second life.

    Looking to get financial aid for your lighting renovation? We can also help you with the administrative work! We are up to date with energy efficiency standards and can help you obtain different types of government funding.

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