LED technology brought so many advantages and improvements to lighting but since nothing is perfect, LED lights do have one common issue, and it’s called Flickering. Light Flickering can be an annoying problem, sometimes even dangerous. It is explained by a rapid On/Off cycle that leads to seeing the lights flicker.

This image was filmed by a phone at a frame rate of 240fps.

Before we dig into the causes and the reasons for such a problem, let’s first see what kind of flickering LED lights may display:

  • Visible flicker: as the name suggests, this type is observable by the naked eye, its frequency is below 100hz, and it can be very nocive, causing many health problems such as seizures, epilepsy, dizziness…etc.
  • Invisible flicker: its frequency is above 100Hz, so it can be tricky to sense it, but it can still cause dizziness, fatigue, and eye strain.

Let’s talk now about why this problem happens to LED lights.

Unmatched Drivers 

One of the first things to check when your LED flicker is the type of the driver matched with your LED lights; drivers come in 2 types: Constant current LED driver and Constant voltage LED driver. If a wrong Driver manages the lights, it will result in an inconsistent voltage or current that will cause the flickering.

So you need to make sure that you are using the correct driver.

Poor Wiring can cause light flickering

Poor wiring can cause various electrical problems, including visible power cables, a higher-than-average electric bill, and flickeringThese issues may arise in junction boxes (or outlets), breakers inside the fuse box or breaker panel, or at different house endpoints.

So checking if there are any wiring issues may help detect the cause of flickering.

LED Light Flickering on Dimmers

One of the main issues that can cause the LED light to flicker is using incompatible Dimmers (Old Dimmers). LED technologies are based on a binary state (on/off), which means the chances of flickering are high when connected to an old dimmer (incandescent bulbs’ dimmer) because the latter will keep altering the current going to the bulb several times per second. 

This altering will result in a visible Flickering, so you need to make sure that you are using a compatible dimmer.

Loose connections of the bulb

LED lights may also flicker when loose connections are present since the current travel through them. 

You should inspect your circuit connections for any sign of looseness or corrosion.

Poor quality LEDs

It is advised to buy both economic and quality-minded; however, you must separate the two. You might not be getting the best option by sacrificing quality for the price. LIKE ANY LIGHT BULB, cheap LED lights have a high Hz, which can interrupt and cause flickering. Additionally, cheap light bulbs might have sub-standard parts, resulting in connection problems and flickering.

Consider our selection of high-quality LEDs at affordable prices.

Power Wattage

We often underestimate the power wattage our LED lights require. If you’re using a high power load appliance, such as a microwave, along with the LED lights on the same circuit, you may experience flicker. Repeated surges cause overloads and wear down the LED drivers, leading to problems in the long term.

It’s best to use low-power appliances in the same circuit or install a separate one to avoid flickering.

Let’s conclude

Flickering LED lights are a cause of concern in many households and offices; as mentioned above, light flickering might happen for various reasons. Some causes require simple adjustments to eliminate the problem. However, other causes could indicate more significant issues and need rapid and essential repairs. It is always advisable to hire a professional to explore the reasons and determine the potential solutions. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any guidance regarding this matter; we can suggest solutions and offer advice on the type of lighting installation you will need to avoid this issue. 


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