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High-intensity discharge lamp: HID lamps

Mainly used in commercial, industrial and public locations, high-intensity discharge lamps provide particularly strong lighting and last quite a long time. Check out our selection of HID lamps.

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By choosing our products, you benefit from long-lasting lighting. We offer reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly high-intensity discharge lamps!

HID lamps, or high-intensity discharge lamps, are bulbs that generate very strong light using relatively little electricity. Through high-pressure metallic gas or vapour discharge, they produce light using electricity. The gas that’s used (sodium, neon or mercury) can emit a significant luminous flux that can be seen from afar.

Our sodium halide metal bulbs are often used for public lighting as it can be used to light large areas. You’ll find them in highway lights, on baseball or football fields, and more. They’re also used in warehouse light fixtures and in the recessed lights in shopping centres and office tower lobbies.

High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps emit an amber light. They’re often used for outdoor lighting like in parking lots, viaducts and street lights. These bulbs require a high-intensity discharge ballast to power them.

In addition to their light efficiency and moderate level of electricity consumption, HID lamps also last a long time. In fact, they can last between 9,000 and 100,000 hours.

We ship our products all across the country for a fee. You have 15 days after delivery to return the product. We accept returns if the product is still in its original packaging and with proof of payment.

BL Solutions honours the manufacturer’s warranty on all our products. If you’ve purchased a high-intensity discharge lamp and there’s a defect, please contact our customer service. We will take the necessary steps to get you a reimbursement, depending on the terms of the existing warranty.

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